What is AS213052?

AS213052 is an Autonomous System number assigned by the RIPE NCC to BittenBytes. It acts as a small ISP for learning and personal development as well as an service we can offer to clients. The network is treated as a full production network and maintenance to the network is performed outside of production hours (aka. during night-time).

Hardware stack

The network currently consisits of two border routers one located at Coloclue’s NorthC datacenter and another one in Nikhef. The router in NorthC is called rtr-001-ams.as213052.netand is a virtualized router (MikroTik CHR), the Nikhef router is called rtr-002-ams.as213052.netand is a MikroTik CCR2116.

I’ve chosen to use MikroTik due to the cost effectivness and the broad features set that I knew. In the future I would like to experiment a bit more with linux based routers (aka. BIRD and VPP), but that will probably take some time.